The Truth Shall Make You Free

Many people do not know where they stand with religion; there are many concerns and misconceptions. There is unknown bondage, slavery, and imprisonment. Everyone needs some sort of freedom. The only freedom that matters is freedom in Christ. The truth of God is found inside Christ Jesus. The concept of abiding in Him is easier than trying to understand religion. You will learn and know the truth as according to Christ Jesus through His promises.

Where Art Thou

This is book no. 3. The reality of dealing with religious issues is overcome by seeing the relationship issues value. One is exposed to the Abiding Presence Relations and the problems that keep many in bondage through the deceit of the enemy. Freedom In Christ is discovered and through the Abiding in The Lord one can now be able to help others having dominion over life and the World. The main problem is discovered with religion by going back in history and see in the solution for living as was intended and purposed. True fulfillment can only come from knowing who you are and your purpose. In knowing who you are and where you should be, you can now fulfill destiny.

The Fruit of The Vine

The undiscovered realities of Christianity according to Christ are examined. Today the true status of many comes under deceit of the enemy, therefore the overview of Christ Jesus becomes important. Many, masses, follow religious beliefs that vary and provides many versions of religion, Lord Jesus described His Person as being …The True Vine, and reveals the Truth of the …Fruit that is expected. Now we can understand what is the “Abiding Presence Relationship” and the expectancy of each one’s purpose and place in this World. Now we can identify the works of the enemy and see the Kingdom of God …come, be established, on Earth as it is in Heaven, so that His Will be done! Understanding the religion will allow one to operate through relationship and overcome the barriers, bondages that are not recognized. Now we can see how easily our needs can be fulfilled, and look at helpings others overcome, and destroy the kingdom of the enemy, establish God in Christ Jesus.

If I am Lifted Up

The concept of being alone and trying to find The Lord in times of need, desperation, break many souls, and many give up, not knowing what they are missing, being denied. So much has been planned, provided for each one, before birth, yet beaten, forsaken by mankind,... the only choices are to lay down and be trampled if faith fails, or get up and fight. The nature of human is to survive, but the responsibility and righteous way, cause all to take up the “self-life”, which produces independence from God. The Lord Jesus promised that if He is lifted up, will draw all peoples onto Him. This has happened 2000 years ago, at the establishing of “The Year of The Lord”, A.D., and it was because of the declaring that when He is “lifted up”...on the Cross of Death, that...the ruler of “man’s hearts”..., the ruler of this World will be cast out!

Of Lions and Of Lambs

The hardships inflicted from others bringing affliction, damage, loss...hurt, causes the response to be “ battle ” ready, or to “ lock up ” the . . .heart in the soul for safety. It is hard for many to receive no compensation, see no justice, causing the move to be ready to judge and condemn. But wait..., there is ‘ One ’ who declared that ...He will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace. No need for ‘ lion spirits ’ to emerge in conquering, and ‘ lamb spirits ’ to run and hide., many will see Justice in Glory as ... ‘ The Lion ’ will emerge and make all successful ‘ Lambs ’.

The Lord Will Suddenly Come

For ages mankind has pondered and tried to define. . G o d.., to experience His Presence, with avoiding fear and judgment, or the need for deliverance and salvation. So the worship and ceremony were persued, but encountering God, was complicated, and the 2000 years since God in Jesus Christ, The Year of The Lord . . A . D ...., religion has reached great extremes and results. Yet still, the visitation through personal prayer, Church Service, or need for... deliverance, still does not provide. . . calling on The God, in Jesus The Christ, and that He will “suddenly come”. How amazingly great, that someone would just. . call out for Him and He would... suddenly come to that one! Not for need of desperation or critical situation, but simply to desire The Presence of God, for awesome relation, because of who He is, not what He can do, and...” paow pow “ . . He suddenly comes to you! Wow. God promised to do it . . .. . so do you want it? Then come, enter in . . and be amazed, out of this World experience..