About the Book

Apostle David Harnarayan’s book is a dynamic and exciting guide for Christians all over the world. Within the pages, he discusses how the creation was transformed by humans. He encourages a way of life where Jesus Christ is the center of one’s existence. He addresses the problems that plague Christianity right now. Moreover, he introduces what Abiding Presence Habitation means to us as followers of God.

Who do people say..., who do you ... what does God say . . !

About the author

David Harnarayan is the owner of Creation Architectural Consultants operating in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Throughout his life, he lived in various places and conditions, which prompted him to become a dedicated apostle. He led Rebirth Freedom in Christ Ministries to establish The Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus. Who Do People Say That You Are is his second book while his other titles are as follows: The Truth Shall Make You Free, Where Art Thou, The Fruit of the Vine, If I am Lifted Up, Of Lions and Of Lambs, and The Lord Will Suddenly Come.


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